Title Company DeBary, FL

Ability Title is a local full-service title company serving DeBary, FL. We help ensure residential and commercial real estate transactions go smoothly with title search, real estate closing, deed transfer, and title insurance services all under a single roof. We serve clients in DeLand, Deltona, Orange City, and other cities throughout Volusia County, FL.

For nearly two decades, we have been handling residential and commercial real estate transactions for buyers, sellers, and lenders for property sales, purchases, loans, escrow accounts, 301 exchanges, and more. Our expertly trained and courteous staff will make sure your transactions are completed accurately and promptly.

Title Search

Our comprehensive title search uncovers a complete title history to determine whether the property has a marketable title. We comb through county records and recent court filings to obtain real property history, including any liens, mortgages, or other encumbrances that could affect the property’s ownership or sale. We also verify that the seller is the legal property owner.

Real Estate Closing Documents

A smooth and successful real estate closing depends on a complete and accurate preparation of all necessary legal documents necessary to facilitate the sale, escrow, and deed transfer of the property from the legal owner to the purchaser. Having the entire real estate transaction completed under a single roof speeds up the closing process so that all the required documents and paperwork are prepared and executed to meet contracted closing deadlines.

Deed Transfer

A deed is a physical instrument that identifies the owner(s) of real property. Our office handles all the necessary legal documentation and court filings required to transfer and record the deed from one property owner to another.

Title Insurance

We highly recommend obtaining title insurance. Title insurance protects real estate buyers if a title search fails to uncover a defect in the title. A deficiency can be a missed deed transfer, private mortgage, lien, or other issues with the title that can affect its marketability or legal ownership.

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