Property Title Search in DeBary, FL

If you are buying property in DeBary, FL it’s critical to obtain a full title search and title insurance before a deed transfer of any real estate. Ability Title is a full-service title company serving buyers and sellers throughout Volusia County, FL, including DeLand, Deltona, and Orange City.

What is a Property Title Search?

A property title search is a thorough review of a property record to determine the legal owner of the property and if any defects in the title exist. It will uncover any liens or other encumbrances, such as a pending divorce or lawsuits, that could challenge the marketability of a property.

Why You Need a Title Search

The best way to determine whether a property has a clean and marketable title is to hire a title company for a complete title search. Your lender will also require a title search and title insurance before issuing a mortgage. Without a title search, buyers will have no idea if the person selling the property is the legal owner or if there are any liens filed against the property. Any liens or legal claims that are attached to the property will become the responsibility of the buyer upon the transfer of the deed. Also, if the seller is not the legal owner, the buyer will lose ownership of the property and any monies spent when the legal owner claims it. For these reasons, it is wise to hire a full-service title company rather than make a costly mistake trying to do a property record search yourself.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is a guarantee to the buyer that they will receive a clear title to the property free of any liens or encumbrances upon the deed transfer.  It protects the buyer’s interest and lender in the event a title company made an error during the property records search that could affect its marketability.  The title insurance company will cover any financial loss up to the limits of the policy.

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