Real Estate Title Company Orange City, FL

Orange City is a clean, family-friendly community of approximately 10,000 residents in Volusia County. The city is known for its attractive neighborhoods, a thriving local economy, good schools and excellent shopping and dining options. One of the city’s most popular attractions is Blue Spring State Park, a vast open space with excellent outdoor recreational activities including canoeing, scuba diving and kayaking.

Ability Title is a full-service title company serving homeowners, buyers, and real estate professionals in Orange City, FL and in neighboring DeBary, DeLand and Deltona. Our professional services include title search, title insurance and deed transfer.

Our work begins as soon as the buyer and seller have executed a contract for the sale of real property in Florida. Whether you’re buying or selling real property, a title company holds the key to a successful close and transfer. The main purpose of a title company is to verify ownership of a property, distribute sale proceeds, record the deed transfer and provide the property owner with a set of house keys and any required HOA/COA documents.

We are a full-service title company that handles the entire real estate closing, including 1031 investment exchanges and construction loan servicing, under one roof. The title search is one of the most important pieces of a real estate transaction. It ensures that the property is clear of any encumbrances or liens that may affect the ownership, sale or transfer of the property. For this reason, a bank will not fund a mortgage without title insurance. After a thorough title search, our underwriter will issue title insurance that guarantees the title to be free and clear of any encumbrances or defects and we will submit the deed transfer paperwork to the court for recording.

By selecting a title company like Ability Title that handles the title search, insurance, deed transfer and closing under the same roof in Orange City, you are more likely to have a smooth closing transaction.

For more information about the real estate title services we offer in Orange City, FL visit our website or call us at 386-734-5766.